Tamil Nadu Premier League Betting Guide

The Tamil Nadu Cricket Association has come up with its own cricket league – the Tamil Nadu Premier League, or TNPL. It has not received acclaim and praise like any other big cricket tournament in India or other parts of the world, but it has continued to grow throughout the years and now has a huge fanbase. It started in 2016 and is set to happen every year, specifically July to August of the month.

Our page will give you the most valuable guides and tips, especially when it comes to team rosters, players’ form, and other factors that could potentially affect the outcome of the match. Make it a habit to check in on our page so that you will be able to come up with an informed decision and an intelligent bet.

Jul 31, 2022
Chepauk Super Gillies
Lyca Kovai Kings
Tamil Nadu Premier League 2022
Lyca Kovai Kings won by 10 wkts
Match Center
Jul 29, 2022
Lyca Kovai Kings
209/8 in 20
Nellai Royal Kings
208/6 in 20
Tamil Nadu Premier League 2022
Lyca Kovai Kings won by 2 wkts
Match Center
Jul 27, 2022
Nellai Royal Kings
140/10 in 20
Chepauk Super Gillies
141/5 in 19.2
Tamil Nadu Premier League 2022
Chepauk Super Gillies won by 5 wkts
Match Center
Jul 26, 2022
126/7 in 20
Lyca Kovai Kings
72/0 in 9.5
Tamil Nadu Premier League 2022
Madurai won by 3 wkts
Match Center
Jul 24, 2022
Dindigul Dragons
106/9 in 20
Salem Spartans
124/8 in 20
Tamil Nadu Premier League 2022
Salem Spartans won by 2 wkts
Match Center

Tamil Nadu Premier League Schedule

Date Time Home Team Away Team
27-Jun-2022 13:45 Ruby Trichy Warriors Karaikudi Kaalai
27-Jun-2022 13:45 Ruby Trichy Warriors IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans
30-Jun-2022 9:45 Nellai Royal Kings Dindigul Dragons
30-Jun-2022 13:45 Madurai Lyca Kovai Kings
04-Jul-2022 13:45 Karaikudi Kaalai Dindigul Dragons
04-Jul-2022 13:45 IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans Dindigul Dragons
05-Jul-2022 13:45 Madurai Nellai Royal Kings
06-Jul-2022 9:45 Lyca Kovai Kings Salem Spartans
06-Jul-2022 13:45 Ruby Trichy Warriors Chepauk Super Gillies
07-Jul-2022 13:45 Dindigul Dragons Madurai
10-Jul-2022 9:45 Nellai Royal Kings Karaikudi Kaalai
10-Jul-2022 9:45 Nellai Royal Kings IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans
10-Jul-2022 13:45 Ruby Trichy Warriors Lyca Kovai Kings
11-Jul-2022 13:45 Salem Spartans Madurai
12-Jul-2022 13:45 Chepauk Super Gillies Lyca Kovai Kings
13-Jul-2022 13:45 IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans Salem Spartans
15-Jul-2022 13:45 Nellai Royal Kings Ruby Trichy Warriors
16-Jul-2022 9:45 Lyca Kovai Kings IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans
16-Jul-2022 13:45 Chepauk Super Gillies Dindigul Dragons
19-Jul-2022 13:45 Salem Spartans Chepauk Super Gillies
20-Jul-2022 13:45 IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans Madurai
21-Jul-2022 13:45 Salem Spartans Ruby Trichy Warriors
22-Jul-2022 13:45 Chepauk Super Gillies IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans
23-Jul-2022 13:45 Lyca Kovai Kings Nellai Royal Kings
24-Jul-2022 9:45 Madurai Ruby Trichy Warriors
24-Jul-2022 13:45 Dindigul Dragons Salem Spartans
26-Jul-2022 13:45 Madurai Lyca Kovai Kings
27-Jul-2022 13:45 Nellai Royal Kings Chepauk Super Gillies
29-Jul-2022 13:45 Lyca Kovai Kings Nellai Royal Kings
31-Jul-2022 13:45 Chepauk Super Gillies Lyca Kovai Kings

Full Tamil Nadu Premier League Point Table 2022 >>

Tamil Nadu Premier League

The sixth season has already started on June 23, 2022. The participating teams include

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Tamil Nadu and Sports

Tamil Nadu is an Indian state. It is located in the southern part of India and is one of the wealthiest states in the region, responsible for most of the country’s GDP. It contributes to around $200 billion to India’s economy anually. India as a cricket nation ensures that each state observes cricket and makes it a part of the people’s lives, especially sports enthusiasts. The creation of the TNPL was done to promote Tamil Nadu, especially its cricket players, along with the different cricket teams, owners, sponsors, and investors. It will eventually attract the attention of the international arena.

Tamil Nadu is known for its abundant natural resources. It is also known for its beautiful films, music, and literature. It is unfortunate that even after the creation and launch of the Tamil Nadu Premier League, there has been no great deal in terms of sports, if you are to compare it with other cricket leagues in India and other parts of the world. Although it can thrust Tamil Nadu back into the sports arena, considering that there is a rising interest in professional sports in India, especially cricket.

Understanding the Basics of the Tamil Nadu Premier League

There is a growing clamour in the Tamil Nadu Premier League, especially since big cricket players are involved, along with money from the sponsors and television networks. During the launch of the league, the spectators were captured by the presence of MS Dhoni, an Indian captain and TNCA president. There are also Indian celebrity performers. The grand launch was also graced by big cricket personalities such as Chris Gayle, Dean Jones, and Suresh Raina.

The Tamil Nadu Premier League follows a T20 format. It is a point-based system, leading to the knockout stage that stars in the semi-final. It is an action-packed cricket league but the duration is short and quick, which makes it all the more entertaining – the very same format used by big cricket tournaments in other parts of the world.

The Participating Teams

During the Tamil Nadu Premier League’s inaugural season, a total of eight teams participated in the said event . These teams are the following:

Tamil Nadu Premier League Statistics

The Star India broadcast the first Tamil Nadu Premier League. The commentary is both in the native Tamil language and English, ensuring that viewers from all walks of life can easily follow what’s happening in the league. The league is short but thrilling and exciting and has caught the attention of cricket fans not only in Tamil Nadu but throughout India and other parts of the world, especially countries where cricket is a popular sport.

At the end of the inaugural season, a total of 31 matches were played. The historic run has an overall total score of 8823 and a total of 340 wickets. Jagadeesan was the star player, while Anthony Dhas took a total of 14 wickets, the highest record during the inaugural season.

Online Betting Strategy

If you are a cricket punter and are looking for betting strategies and tips for the Tamil Nadu Premier League, you have come to the right place. Our page does not only give betting tips for the Tamil Nadu Premier League, but also other cricket tournaments and matches around the country and the globe. We ensure of giving you tips, guides, and strategies that will help you come up with informed betting decisions. Some of the tips worth sharing include the following: