Betting Offers

Betting Offers for Cricket in India

As the name clearly suggests, a betting offer is a promotional deal or bonus that’s provided to the new and existing customers of any betting site. While a generous and lucrative betting offer is not the top parameter to judge a betting site’s performance, it is definitely an important one. Players like to think that they are getting something that’s “on the cuff”, and in many cases we have seen betting offers to be the be all and end all.

While choosing a betting site, the betting offers being provided should be one of the top factors to consider amongst other things. Still wondering what a betting offer is, how to choose the best one and how it’s going to advantage you? In this article, we cover all the basics of betting offers and some more.

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Choosing The Best Betting Offers

Choosing the best betting offer can be a bit tough because there are so many offers provided by so many betting companies. The list is almost endless. But a smart player knows that the most lucrative offer might have the most complex terms and conditions attached to it and sometimes simple offers are the most hassle-free and profitable.

That’s why there are a few factors you must consider before choosing the best betting offers which have been given below:

Wagering Requirements

A wagering requirement is the number of times players must wager their earnings before they can withdraw it. It is imposed by betting companies to ensure that the players don’t abuse the bonus offers. Wagering requirement usually range from 1x to 5x, depending on the type of bonus.

For instance, if a player wins a first deposit bonus of Rs.300 with a 1x wagering requirement. It means that the player needs to bet the bonus amount and the deposit 1x before they can withdraw this fund.

Wagering requirements are imposed by all the betting sites and is a fairly common practice. However, complicated wagering requirement or a wagering requirement which is more than 5x should be avoided. They make it really tough for players to win their money and the betting offers seem more like demo credits than actual winnings.

Bonus Expiration Date

Another factor to consider while choosing a betting offer is its expiration date. A bonus expiration date implies that the player needs to fulfil certain conditions within a prescribed time period, or else the bonus expires and can no longer be used.

Many times, betting sites keep very short bonus expiration date so that the players panic and increase their stakes. The betting offers should have reasonable expiration dates. This will help players get enough time to enjoy their earnings. An online betting site offering really short bonus expiration date such as 24 hours or 3 days should be avoided.

Minimum Odds

Just like wagering requirements, most betting sites provide betting offers with minimum odds condition attached. Minimum odds mean the players will be required to place a bet with the minimum odds that have been specified in the terms and conditions of the betting offer. Only when you place the bets with minimum odds, then you will be able to withdraw you bonus.

While minimum odds are a common requirement placed by betting companies, you need to ensure that that they are not too complicated or unreasonably tough to achieve.

Maximum Betting Amount

The important thing a player needs to see while choosing a betting offer is how much money he/she is going to eventually receive. While many betting sites offer 100% deposit bonus, the cap they put on the amount is quite unsatisfying. The maximum betting amount condition is usually ignored by players hen they sign up on any betting site.

If you find that the maximum amount being offered by the betting company doesn’t even cover the full amount of deposit that you made, it is not a profitable situation for you, and you must look for better options. If your objective is to maximize your earnings and make the most of the betting offers being provided, maximum betting amount that you will receive is an important factor to consider.

Betting Markets

Can you use the bonus money received freely or is the use limited to specific markets? This is a question whose answer you must know before you choose a betting offer. If the betting offer you receive is not eligible on the bet you want to place, you will not be getting much out of it. The betting site should cover a wide variety of markets and there should be minimal restrictions imposed on which market you want to use your betting offer winnings on.

Payment Methods Available and Limitations

Before choosing a betting offer, you must be aware of different payment methods being offered by the betting site and the restrictions imposed, if any. Many betting sites only provide betting offers to the players if they deposit money via certain payment methods. Also, one should consider the following additional factors: transaction fees charged by the betting site, the time taken to withdraw the money in your account, payment methods not supported by the site, minimum deposit condition and so on.

Types of Betting Offers

There are different types of betting offers provided by the betting sites to new and existing customers. Some of the most common types of betting offers have been explained below:

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus depends upon the amount of deposit you have made. The more the amount of your deposit, the larger this bonus will grow. However, most betting sites put a cap on this type of bonus after a limit. For instance, a popular deposit bonus is 100% first deposit bonus offered by betting sites. Which means if you deposit Rs.1000, you will receive an additional Rs.100 as bonus money.

Free Bets

Usually, if you deposit a certain amount, betting sites credit your account with a free bet or sometimes, more than one free bet. The best part about free bets is that normally wagering requirements don’t apply to them, however, many other conditions do apply such as minimum odds, expiration date and so on.

Cash Back Offers

This one is a not quite popular type of betting offer. By availing the cash back offer, you get your money back that you used to place bets, in case you lost the bet with a small margin. However, players are not allowed to withdraw this amount and it can only be used to place further bets. There is also a limit placed by betting companies on how much money back you can receive.

Welcome Bonus

This is probably the most popular type of betting offer. It is available only for new players. Almost every betting site offers welcome bonus and it us quite a popular way to attract new players. After making a minimum amount of first deposit, you receive your welcome bonus which is generally 100% of the deposit amount. Welcome bonus is usually very profitable for the players as the bonus amount most of the times is quite generous.

Boosted Odds

When a betting site increases odds for any particular bet, it is known as boosted odds. This is usually applicable in case of sportsbook betting and is done to entice more players to place the bet. Boosted odds are usually in the favor of the players. It is also a limited time offer and a great way to earn some real money.

Accumulator Bonus

An accumulator bonus is popularly known as the acca bonus is a popular type of betting offer. In this type of bonus, the betting site provides you additional winnings on top of the normal winnings earned by you. However, to win the additional money, you need to place a winning wager on various selections. The minimum number of selections here can range from anywhere between 2 to 5 easily. The more selections you make to your bet, the more amount of bonus you can win.

Betting Offers – Terms and Conditions

Betting offers, as already mentioned above, have certain terms and conditions attached to it. These terms and conditions are important and you must understand them before you avail any betting offer. Some of the terms and conditions have been explained below:

  • Matched bonus – A match bonus is when you are offered certain bonus amount on top of the money you deposit. A match bonus is very similar to a welcome bonus and is usually expressed in percentage terms, such as 20% match bonus, 50% match bonus and so on. The match bonus amount usually cant be withdrawn and should be used for placing more bets on the site.
  • Wagering requirement – This is an essential requirement placed by every betting company. Wagering requirements has already been discussed above. To be precise, it is the amount that you need to wager before you can withdraw your bonus amount.
  • Cash out – The cash out feature is an important one as it allows you to leave a bet if you feel you are not going to win. There is a certain amount of money you can claim while opting for the cash out option. It is quite popular in case of acca bets.
  • Money back offer – This one has also been already mentioned above. A cash back offer is provided by the betting company and it allows you to recover the money you lost on a bet.
  • Eligible markets and the kind of bets – A betting site can put restrictions on the type of market you can use your bonus money for and the type of bets you can place.
  • Bonus expiration date – generally, betting offers come with an expiration date that usually range from 5 days to 30 days.

Betting Offers Pros & Cons


  • Helps players to maximize their earnings
  • By earning more funds, you can place more bets
  • Ideal for players who are on a budget and don’t have enough funds
  • It’s great for players who want to experience new things and place bets on new sections but are risk-averse and do not want to spend their own money on it


  • Sometimes the minimum deposit amount required by the betting company to avail the betting offers is too high
  • Wagering requirements can be too complicated and sometimes too high, which can make it almost impossible to withdraw the money
  • Sometimes betting offers are only available for certain events or offered to certain players, making other players feel disappointed and angry

How to avail Betting Offers?

Do your research properly. Visit a number of betting sites and compare the betting offers being provided to them. Also find out what the minimum deposit is, is maximum bonus amount being offered profitable enough, what is the rollover requirement, what is the betting offer expiration date and so on.

Visit the betting site you have finally selected and register your account.

Read the terms and conditions of the betting offer carefully – just cause the betting site is trying to lure the players 100% deposit, it doesn’t mean they will receive 100% deposit. There are many hidden terms and conditions present which can lower your earning significantly and can even make you lose your winning amount.

✅ Make the minimum deposit required to avail the betting offer.

Be aware of different bonus offers being launched by the betting companies. Some lucrative betting offers are only valid for limited time, and hence one must be aware of the offers being launched. Subscribe to the betting companies’ newsletter, if any, to always be informed of new betting offers being launched and steps to avail the same.

✅ Just because you have availed betting offer of one betting site doesn’t mean you can not look around. If some other betting company is launching betting offer that is more lucrative, and suits your interest more, don’t hesitate to make the switch. Always remember that your main goal is to maximize your earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions


The purpose of betting offers is to attract new customers and reward loyal existing customers from the betting sites viewpoint. For players, the purpose of availing betting offers is to maximize their earnings.


Yes, betting offers are definitely profitable, but their profitability depends on what betting offers you availing. But since you are earning money on bets you were already going to place; this can be considered as a win situation for the players.


Usually, no. Betting sites usually put restrictions that the players can avail only one betting offer at one time. Also, one betting offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. This is done so that the players don’t abuse the offer and win the money and then leave the site.


The only way you can find the best betting offers is by exploring different options. Visit different betting sites and after going through all the offers, choose one that best suits your need. You should also read the terms and condition of the offers carefully.


No, it is not mandatory to avail betting offers. They are optional and you should only avail them if they are profitable to you and not too complicated.


Yes, there are various betting offers that are meant for the new players. This most importantly include the welcome bonus which is said to be one of the most lucrative offers that is provided by the betting companies.


Yes, betting offers are totally free. However, you have to make certain minimum deposit or place minimum amount of bets in order to avail them. Please note that different gambling sites have different wagering requirements you need to fulfil.


That depends on the betting offers terms and conditions. While some betting sites allow players to withdraw money instantly, others impose wagering requirements. And for some betting offers, you can’t withdraw the winning amount, but you can use it to further place bets.

Final Thoughts…

Betting offers are a great way for new and existing players to win some real cash and increase their bank roll. It is also a good option for betting companies to attract new players and retain their existing players. It is in fact, a win-win situation for both. However, unnecessary restrictions and unwanted conditions attached to betting offers by the betting company can only make the entire process very frustrating and not worth the hassle.

That is why it is important that you choose the betting offer carefully so that the withdrawal of the amount is easy and you don’t get sucked into the cesspool where you keep making bets without seeing any profitable results.