Cookie Policy uses cookies to recognize your computer every time you visit our site with the aim of improving user experience through webpage optimization in accordance with your preferences.

Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are minute software files that instantly get stored on your computer every time you visit a particular page or site. Cookies are harmless, so there’s nothing to worry about. They will not harm you or your computer. They don’t collect information from your computer except for the ones related to the website. Your personal and financial information such as name, log in details, and banking details are kept private and confidential. The sole purpose of cookies is to improve your website visit experience. Through the help of cookies, errors and bugs can be easily identified and remedied. uses cookies to help our advertising partners find out the interest and needs of our web visitors. That way, our partners will be able to come up with appropriate and effective advertising campaigns. In addition, they will be able to come up with ads preferred and useful to our website visitors.

How do cookies work? makes use of session and persistent cookies to improve user experience.

Session cookies let our users carry details of one page to another, which is beneficial as users don’t need to key in the same information every time. If you log in to your profile once, every time you visit the site, you will not be asked to key in your profile once again because the site already recognized it.

On the other hand, persistent cookies are for long-term purposes. The information is stored on your computer permanently. Unless you delete such information from the web browser, it remains on your computer. Every time you visit a particular site, your computer will automatically identify it. A perfect example is when you set a preferred language, it will be saved by the persistent cookies. Every time you visit the site, it will be automatically translated to your preset language.

Why does use cookies? uses cookies for the following reasons:

✅ To improve user experience by means of identifying and resolving any issues while using the platform, such as errors, bugs, and other technical-related concerns.

✅ To provide valuable information to our advertising partners, especially information that has something to do with visitors’ interests and preferences.

✅ To gather information about your browsing habits while using our Site, including your preferences and user experience as a whole.

✅ To present live chat options to web visitors on every page you visit on our site.

✅ To easily identify your device every time you use our website and personalize web pages according to your liking and preferences.

Can you block Cookies on your computer?

Yes, you can disable cookies on your computer. To do so, go to your device’s browser settings and disable cookies. Below are the steps to follow when disabling cookies on your device:

When using Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to Menu
  • Choose Settings
  • Privacy and Security
  • Cookies
  • Other Site Data
  • Block all cookies

When using Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge
  • Go to Menu
  • Choose Settings
  • Site Permissions
  • Cookies and Site Data
  • Click on Block all cookies or add desired website’s url in the “block third-party cookies.”

When using Safari

  • Open your device’s Safari browser
  • Go to Menu
  • Preferences
  • Security
  • Tick block third-party and advertising cookies
  • Block all cookies
  • Hit the save button

When using Firefox

  • Open Firefox
  • Go to Tools
  • Click Options
  • Privacy
  • Disable Cookies

What will happen if you block cookies on your browser?

If you block cookies, the settings of your browser will change. What happens is that we will not be able to gather all pertinent information from you. As a result, it will be difficult for us to deliver personalized services to enhance your user experience.

Cookie Policy Updates conducts website updates regularly, and it could directly affect our terms and policies. Therefore, we highly encourage you to visit this page to keep track of any policy changes that could affect your privacy settings and user experience in general.