The Women’s Big Bash League Betting Guide

Cricket fans are familiar with the different cricket leagues happening around the world. The Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL). It is the local cricket competition for Australian women following a Twenty20 format. It consists of eight city-based franchises and each of the participating teams have Australian national cricket team members, including former and current members.

The Women’s Big Bash League used to run alongside the BBL. It has experienced massive popularity, especially in media coverage, which caused it to become a standalone league.


Dec 2, 2023
Adelaide Strikers Women
125/5 in 20
Brisbane Heat Women
122/8 in 20
The Women's Big Bash League 2023
Adelaide Strikers Women won by 5 wkts
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Nov 29, 2023
Perth Scorchers Women
130/8 in 20
Brisbane Heat Women
197/5 in 20
The Women's Big Bash League 2023
Brisbane Heat Women won by 5 wkts
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Nov 28, 2023
Brisbane Heat Women
169/8 in 20
Sydney Thunder Women
125/9 in 20
The Women's Big Bash League 2023
Brisbane Heat Women won by 2 wkts
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Nov 26, 2023
Sydney Sixers Women
126/1 in 17.3
Sydney Thunder Women
123/10 in 19.5
The Women's Big Bash League 2023
Sydney Sixers Women won by 9 wkts
Match Center
Nov 25, 2023
Hobart Hurricanes Women
87/10 in 16
Adelaide Strikers Women
164/3 in 20
The Women's Big Bash League 2023
Adelaide Strikers Women won by 7 wkts
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The Women's Big Bash League Schedule

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
18-Nov-20218:10Perth Scorchers WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
25-Nov-20218:10Melbourne Renegades WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
13-Oct-20228:40Brisbane Heat WomenSydney Sixers Women
14-Oct-20224:00Sydney Thunder WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
15-Oct-20224:40Adelaide Strikers WomenSydney Sixers Women
15-Oct-20228:05Brisbane Heat WomenMelbourne Stars Women
15-Oct-202223:15Melbourne Renegades WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
16-Oct-20222:40Sydney Sixers WomenMelbourne Stars Women
16-Oct-20226:00Sydney Thunder WomenPerth Scorchers Women
17-Oct-20228:05Hobart Hurricanes WomenPerth Scorchers Women
18-Oct-20224:30Brisbane Heat WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
18-Oct-20228:05Hobart Hurricanes WomenSydney Thunder Women
20-Oct-20229:10Perth Scorchers WomenMelbourne Stars Women
21-Oct-20221:00Melbourne Renegades WomenBrisbane Heat Women
21-Oct-20224:25Adelaide Strikers WomenSydney Sixers Women
21-Oct-20224:25Sydney Sixers WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
22-Oct-20223:30Perth Scorchers WomenSydney Thunder Women
23-Oct-20222:40Sydney Thunder WomenMelbourne Stars Women
23-Oct-20226:15Perth Scorchers WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
24-Oct-20224:30Adelaide Strikers WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
25-Oct-20225:15Brisbane Heat WomenSydney Thunder Women
27-Oct-20228:10Brisbane Heat WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
28-Oct-20224:15Adelaide Strikers WomenPerth Scorchers Women
28-Oct-202223:15Hobart Hurricanes WomenSydney Sixers Women
29-Oct-20223:00Melbourne Renegades WomenMelbourne Stars Women
29-Oct-20228:10Brisbane Heat WomenPerth Scorchers Women
30-Oct-20224:00Melbourne Renegades WomenSydney Sixers Women
31-Oct-20224:00Melbourne Stars WomenSydney Thunder Women
02-Nov-20224:30Adelaide Strikers WomenMelbourne Stars Women
02-Nov-20228:05Sydney Thunder WomenSydney Sixers Women
03-Nov-20228:10Hobart Hurricanes WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
04-Nov-20224:30Sydney Thunder WomenBrisbane Heat Women
05-Nov-20222:00Melbourne Stars WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
05-Nov-20225:25Perth Scorchers WomenSydney Sixers Women
05-Nov-202223:15Hobart Hurricanes WomenBrisbane Heat Women
06-Nov-20222:40Melbourne Renegades WomenSydney Thunder Women
06-Nov-20225:50Perth Scorchers WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
07-Nov-20228:10Hobart Hurricanes WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
07-Nov-20228:10Melbourne Renegades WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
09-Nov-20224:00Perth Scorchers WomenBrisbane Heat Women
10-Nov-20224:00Sydney Sixers WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
10-Nov-20224:00Melbourne Renegades WomenSydney Sixers Women
11-Nov-20227:00Hobart Hurricanes WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
11-Nov-20227:00Adelaide Strikers WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
11-Nov-202223:15Melbourne Renegades WomenPerth Scorchers Women
12-Nov-20222:40Melbourne Stars WomenSydney Sixers Women
12-Nov-20227:00Brisbane Heat WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
12-Nov-202223:15Sydney Sixers WomenPerth Scorchers Women
13-Nov-20222:40Melbourne Stars WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
13-Nov-20224:00Adelaide Strikers WomenSydney Thunder Women
14-Nov-20227:00Adelaide Strikers WomenBrisbane Heat Women
15-Nov-20224:00Hobart Hurricanes WomenMelbourne Stars Women
15-Nov-20224:00Melbourne Stars WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
15-Nov-20228:10Sydney Thunder WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
16-Nov-20224:00Melbourne Stars WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
16-Nov-20228:10Sydney Sixers WomenBrisbane Heat Women
18-Nov-20224:40Adelaide Strikers WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
18-Nov-20228:05Sydney Sixers WomenSydney Thunder Women
18-Nov-202223:40Melbourne Stars WomenPerth Scorchers Women
19-Nov-202223:15Melbourne Renegades WomenPerth Scorchers Women
20-Nov-20222:40Sydney Sixers WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
20-Nov-20223:00Melbourne Stars WomenBrisbane Heat Women
20-Nov-20226:15Sydney Thunder WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
23-Nov-20228:10Brisbane Heat WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
24-Nov-20228:10Adelaide Strikers WomenBrisbane Heat Women
26-Nov-20226:20Sydney Sixers WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
19-Oct-20238:40Sydney Sixers WomenMelbourne Stars Women
20-Oct-20234:00Melbourne Renegades WomenBrisbane Heat Women
20-Oct-20238:10Hobart Hurricanes WomenPerth Scorchers Women
21-Oct-20238:10Adelaide Strikers WomenMelbourne Stars Women
22-Oct-20232:40Perth Scorchers WomenBrisbane Heat Women
22-Oct-20236:25Sydney Thunder WomenSydney Sixers Women
23-Oct-20234:00Melbourne Renegades WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
24-Oct-20233:30Melbourne Stars WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
24-Oct-20237:10Sydney Sixers WomenBrisbane Heat Women
25-Oct-20238:10Perth Scorchers WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
26-Oct-20234:00Sydney Thunder WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
27-Oct-20235:40Adelaide Strikers WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
27-Oct-20239:30Brisbane Heat WomenMelbourne Stars Women
28-Oct-20231:00Melbourne Renegades WomenSydney Sixers Women
29-Oct-20234:00Melbourne Stars WomenPerth Scorchers Women
29-Oct-20238:10Adelaide Strikers WomenBrisbane Heat Women
30-Oct-20237:10Hobart Hurricanes WomenSydney Thunder Women
31-Oct-20239:10Perth Scorchers WomenSydney Sixers Women
01-Nov-20234:00Melbourne Renegades WomenSydney Thunder Women
02-Nov-20238:10Hobart Hurricanes WomenMelbourne Stars Women
03-Nov-20236:10Adelaide Strikers WomenSydney Sixers Women
03-Nov-20239:40Perth Scorchers WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
04-Nov-20234:00Melbourne Stars WomenSydney Thunder Women
04-Nov-20237:30Hobart Hurricanes WomenBrisbane Heat Women
05-Nov-20232:40Sydney Sixers WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
05-Nov-20236:25Perth Scorchers WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
06-Nov-20237:10Sydney Thunder WomenBrisbane Heat Women
08-Nov-20234:00Melbourne Stars WomenSydney Sixers Women
08-Nov-20238:10Adelaide Strikers WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
09-Nov-20234:00Sydney Thunder WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
09-Nov-20238:10Brisbane Heat WomenPerth Scorchers Women
10-Nov-20234:20Sydney Thunder WomenMelbourne Stars Women
10-Nov-20238:10Sydney Sixers WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
11-Nov-20233:00Melbourne Renegades WomenPerth Scorchers Women
11-Nov-20238:10Brisbane Heat WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
11-Nov-202323:10Perth Scorchers WomenSydney Thunder Women
12-Nov-20232:40Melbourne Renegades WomenMelbourne Stars Women
13-Nov-20237:10Hobart Hurricanes WomenSydney Sixers Women
15-Nov-20231:00Brisbane Heat WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
15-Nov-20234:30Adelaide Strikers WomenSydney Thunder Women
16-Nov-20234:30Sydney Sixers WomenPerth Scorchers Women
17-Nov-20235:10Melbourne Stars WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
17-Nov-20238:40Brisbane Heat WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
18-Nov-20234:00Sydney Thunder WomenPerth Scorchers Women
18-Nov-20238:10Sydney Sixers WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
18-Nov-202323:10Melbourne Renegades WomenHobart Hurricanes Women
19-Nov-20232:40Melbourne Stars WomenBrisbane Heat Women
21-Nov-20234:00Sydney Thunder WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
21-Nov-20238:10Brisbane Heat WomenSydney Sixers Women
22-Nov-20239:10Perth Scorchers WomenMelbourne Stars Women
23-Nov-20238:10Hobart Hurricanes WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
24-Nov-20234:40Brisbane Heat WomenSydney Thunder Women
24-Nov-20238:10Adelaide Strikers WomenPerth Scorchers Women
25-Nov-20237:10Melbourne Stars WomenMelbourne Renegades Women
25-Nov-202323:10Hobart Hurricanes WomenAdelaide Strikers Women
26-Nov-20232:40Sydney Sixers WomenSydney Thunder Women
28-Nov-20238:40Brisbane Heat WomenSydney Thunder Women
29-Nov-20238:40Perth Scorchers WomenBrisbane Heat Women
02-Dec-20238:10Adelaide Strikers WomenBrisbane Heat Women



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The Women's Big Bash League


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The Establishment of the Women’s Big Bash League

The plan for creating the Women’s Big Bash League was divulged by Belinda Clark, a former team captain of Australia’s national cricket team, on January 19, 2014. It is an attempt to ride on the continuous growth in popularity of women’s cricket in the country following the men’s Big Bash league’s success. Cricket Australia announced on February 9, 2015 the commencement of the Women’s Big Bash League in 2015-2016.

According to James Sutherland, the CEO of Cricket Australia, the creation of the Women’s Big Bash League will surely increase the popularity of women’s cricket in the country. He added that Australia’s women’s domestic cricket competition is the best. The objective is to make cricket the most preferred sports for women of all ages in Australia and eventually across all nations. One of the momentous events in the Women’s Big Bash League happened on October 13, 2015, when a total of 100 elite cricketers in Australia joined forces and pledged $20 million for the popularity of female cricket in the country. The donated money will be used to support former cricket players, help cricket at the grassroots level, and come up with more possibilities for female cricket players around the country.

Australian Women’s Twenty20 Cup

Before the Women’s Big Bash League was created, there was a national T20 competition hosted by Cricket Australia. It was called the Australian Women’s Twenty20 Cup. It runs along with the WNCL, which is the national women’s 50+ competition. The tournament ran from 2009-2010, with exhibition games from 2007 to 2009, and another season from 2014 to 2015. After a couple of tournaments, Cricket Australia finally decided to rename the competition and replace the tournament format, which is now called the Women’s Big Bash League. The ultimate goal is to heighten the game’s professionalism, making it an elite female cricket tournament.

The Participating Teams

The participating teams represent the eight city-based franchises, with one team in every state’s capital city. Although Melbourne and Sydney have two participating teams

On the league’s first six final games, two were bagged by the Sydney Sixers, the Sydney Thunder, and the Brisbane Heat. For the record, it is only the Sydney Sixers that was able to reach four finals and produced the best total win-loss records. Hence, the very reason different media platforms tagged Sydney Sixers the league’s “glamour team.”

The CitiPower Centre is the main ground used by both the Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades, but their preferred secondary ground was not the same. The Melbourne Renegades hosted games in the western part of Melbourne, particularly at the Eastern Oval and Kardinia Park (the main stadium and nearby cricket fields). On the other hand, the Melbourne Stars played conducted their homecourt game in the southeast part of Melbourne, particularly in Casey Fields.

For the Sidney teams, the Sidney Thunder’s game venue is in the west part of Sidney, while the Sidney Sixers prefer the east part of Sidney. Sometimes both teams agree to hold matches on primary ground because of the match’s festival structure where there are multiple scheduled games in a day. Of all the female cricket teams in Australia, only the Hobart Hurricanes have similar primary cricket venue as the Big Bash male cricket team, which is the Blundstone Arena, which has a total capacity of 19,500. The Perth Scorchers’ choice of venue is Lilac Hill Park, where they encourage spectators to tag their dogs with them.

The Tournament Structure

During the inaugural season, the participating cricket teams were asked to play in sporadic clusters. There were two matches in the afternoon, or four times in three days. The teams were forced to gather in neutral cities, such as when the Perth Scorchers and Sydney Sixers’ final game was played at the Adelaide Oval.

The Women’s Big Bash League features games played as curtain-raisers to the Big Bash League men’s edition. In the 2019-2020 edition, it was finally decided to move to standalone. Cricket Australia has finally decided to ask for spectator admission fees. The fans’ admission fee started in a match that took place in Sydney. The first match that sold out was the final game that took place at Drummoyne Oval.

The games are usually played at boutique venues in every state capital city, like Allan Border Field, Brisbane, and Junction Oval, Melbourne. Regional Centres also welcome the idea of hosting the Women’s Big Bash League. A new record in the league happened on January 5, 2019, for the highest standalone attendance at Harrup Park in Mackay. To maximize the the Women’s Big Bash League spectators’ attendance, Cricket North West conducted a weekend of free local cricket.


There were many private companies that sponsored the Women’s Big Bash League, and one of them was Rebel, a retailer of various sporting goods. It was the naming rights sponsor for five seasons. Weber came in after Rebel. Weber is a manufacturer of barbecue grill and is the current naming rights partner of the Women’s Big Bash League. For the players’ headwear and apparel during the initial six editions, it was sponsored by Majestic Athletic. Nike was instrumental too. It was the official partner of all eight teams, responsible for the design and production of outfits for training and playing, including supporter wear. Nike eventually became the league’s official supplier of gaming headwear.